Famous New Media Art Patent Office

Data current through March 24, 2019

Artist Statement

One new New Media Artwork after another has been created for the improvement of our lives. We take for granted the innovative artworks of Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey that have changed our lives such as Public Sculpture, and The Future of Television among others.

However, these artworks are the results of the efforts of many hours of work, and it would be discouraging for Famous New Media Artists like Jeremy Bailey if their ideas could be easily stolen by others. In fact, he might stop trying to make anything new. This patent office was therefore established in order to protect ideas and Famous New Media Artworks by Jeremy Bailey as intellectual properties. By protecting great art, this office promotes the growth of Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey.

This year marks the 34th year of life for Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey. 34 years is a long time, and during this period, many Famous New Media Artworks have been created to make our lives richer. You can find an increasing number of these artworks in our database. These artworks are the result of the continuous efforts of Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey but also many unknown inventors, researchers, curators, friends, family and especially his wife Kristen who have helped him reach great success.

These artworks are now protected by patents. In the future, your artworks may also be protected (but not now). I wonder, however, how many of you are certain about what Famous New Media Art is? You may find it rather difficult to answer that question. Navigate this website in order to discover the answer to this question and to discover the joy of Famous New Media Art and to learn how you too can become a Famous New Media Artist.

Jeremy Bailey,
Famous New Media Artist